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Welcome to CeltCast, the Celtic/Folk/Viking station for and by volunteers from across the globe.

Should you ever have any thoughts or ideas about what we could do more or better for you (bands, music, reviews, promotions, give-aways), don’t hesitate to contact us.

And should you ever have any thoughts or ideas about what you could do for us (contacts, reviews, content, techy stuff), please let us know! 🙂

Meanwhile we hope you enjoy the music!

– Picture by Alex Sealgaire

Latest posts

  • Martine Kraft - Huldreblod (2017)
  • PerKelt at Celtic Night Geluwe! - Part 4
  • SeeD Pagan Folk in the livingroom with CeltCast!
  • Prequel to SeeD Pagan Folk in the living room...
  • In Vino Veritas at Celtic Night Geluwe - Part 3

Alex and I both have our guilty pleasures. Bands that don't fit the CeltCast format, but we like anyway. (I have quite a lot actually, but that's beside the point.) 😉

One of those guilty pleasures we share together, is Martine Kraft 's newest album 'Huldreblod' . It made a big impression on us both. As did her performance at Castlefest , together Read More
SeeD Pagan Folk in the livingroom with CeltCast! Playing some songs, chatting annnnnd... give away awesome SeeD material:

To have a chance at winning their latest album, or SeeDee, called 'Through the Veil' : share this post and set it to public, so we can See you did. 🙂 You have until Friday the 22nd of September to enter.

And should you Read More

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CeltCast news

  • A Trolska Polska GIVE AWAY! +

    LET'S JUMPSTART OUR FESTIVAL SEASON WITH A Trolska Polska GIVE AWAY! Who here is ready to start dancing to those Read More
  • Review 'Martine Kraft - Huldreblod' +

    A little over a week ago we introduced Cliff to you all as our latest CeltCast family member and one Read More
  • Imbue gave their new CD (!) to CeltCast at Middeleeuws Winschoten & Fantasy Festival and this band has very strange friends... The Royal Spuds. +

    Read More
  • Who's interested in a special treat? :-D +

    On Friday September 8 the awesome people of SeeD Pagan Folk will be joining CeltCast in the livingroom of Alex Read More
  • What an amazing weekend we had at Celtic Night Geluwe! +

    This small Belgium festival was held for the 10th and sadly the last time. To make this Farewell edition of Read More
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About us

Alex Hi, I'm Alex. I am delighted to say that I am a co-founder of CeltCast. Starting this station has been a dream come true! ... read more
Arjan I'm Arjan. I'm proud to say that I'm a co-founder of CeltCast. Music was my first love, and it will be my last. Music of the future and ... read more