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Welcome to CeltCast, the Celtic/Folk/Viking station for and by volunteers from across the globe.

Should you ever have any thoughts or ideas about what we could do more or better for you (bands, music, reviews, promotions, give-aways), don’t hesitate to contact us.

And should you ever have any thoughts or ideas about what you could do for us (contacts, reviews, content, techy stuff), please let us know! 🙂

Meanwhile we hope you enjoy the music!

– Picture by Alex Sealgaire

Latest posts

  • Cesair - Omphalos (2017)
  • EMIAN - Khymeia (2016)
  • Midwinter Fair Archeon - Day 1: Sassenachs
  • Midwinter Fair Archeon - Day 1: Pyrolysis - Part 3
  • Midwinter Fair Archeon - Day 1: Pyrolysis - Part 2

Cesair is a six-person band that blends Classical together with Pop (World) music, giving it a nice Eastern-European feel as they go along. Together, this makes for a unique sounding band. Cesair themselves describe their sound as 'Epic Folk and Mythic music´ . I would say Carl Orf meets Vivaldi meets Rastaban meets Faun equals Cesair. They are one of the Read More

Six years ago on December the 21 th 2011, the day of the winter solstice, EMIAN was formed. To celebrate that moment, we have decided to write an introduction for their latest album Khymeia . Way overdue of course, but better late then never.

From the moment I put Khymeia , the second album from the Italian Pagan Folk band EMIAN, in Read More

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CeltCast news

  • !!! TRIPLE WIN !!! :-D +

    Drawing the lucky winners of the: - Poppodium De Meester T-shirt - Prima Nocta triple album set - Midwinter Fair Archeon double day-tickets Read More

    Have you heard about the Midwinter Fair Archeon ? Bands like Rapalje , Sunfire , Trolska Polska , Fiddle 'n Drum , Kelten zonder Grenzen Read More
  • CELT-N-FOLK XIII: Cesair, SeeD & Emian +

    When the news came of an event with Cesair , SeeD and EMIAN PaganFolk as the line up, the whole of Read More
  • December's here +

    With the new month comes a new Monthly Marker. Having spent November in the "Quiet Land of Erin" with Gwendolyn Read More
  • Castlefest Winter Edition 2017 is already over. +

    These last two days have been flying by. Yes, Castlefest in the winter is cold, yes it was wet at Read More
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About us

Alex Hi, I'm Alex. I am delighted to say that I am a co-founder of CeltCast. Starting this station has been a dream come true! ... read more
Arjan I'm Arjan. I'm proud to say that I'm a co-founder of CeltCast. Music was my first love, and it will be my last. Music of the future and ... read more